Friday, August 3, 2012

No one hears

No one hears

As the needle goes in 
As the poison goes on 
The foul tasting substance is forced into my mouth 
As I begin to feel drowsy 
I feel pain upon pain 
Please God... 
HEAR MY PLEAS! one hears.

My ears and eyes sting 
What was in that syringe? 
Why are they shaving my back? 
What's that paste? BURNS! 
I scream again with the pain 
For mercy's sake... 
HEAR MY PLEAS! one hears

They scrape, 

they rape, 
they prod, 
they poke, 
they cut, 
they slice, 
they dice, 
they splice, 
they inject, 
they sting, 
they hurt! 

Please, I'M IN AGONY! 

... Still, no one hears.

~ Copyright Bernie Jones ~