Thursday, September 3, 2015


Beautiful California Coast

Capturing the changing mood over the ocean as night falls.

A salute to my friends and readers:  I have been traveling in the North, Alaska and Canada, quite extensively during the summer and my blog has been quiet.  I want to thank you for your continued interest, and your supportive feedback.  While I brought back many images, coming back from travel I always look forward to revisiting my favorite places here in California:  the mountains with Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Park, the coast with its rugged cliffs and beautiful sunsets.  During the summer the coast is often shrouded in the marine layer fog, so when the evenings are clear and the stars come out, it can be special.  I was hoping for those special clear nights as I went to Pacifica and its old pier several evenings – alas, it did not happen but even with clouds  and mighty winds, these trips were worthwhile and I want to share the images with you.

Pacifica is a small coastal community a bit south of San Francisco.  The ocean front is a State Beach and is graced by an old pier where the local fishermen cast their fishing poles to catch the evening dinner.  The southern end of the beach butts against a rocky outcrop so typical for he California coastline.

Late afternoon along the beach, you will find many people walking their dogs on the coastal trail where windswept trees adapted to the fierce winter storms reaching away from the water and stretching their limbs to the calmer meadows in the adjacent marsh land.

At the southern end of the beach are remnants of an old hotel where fishermen found refuge from storms a century ago.  Now, only a few walls are still standing graced with colorful graffiti.

As sunset nears, I hustle back to the pier to see the sun dipping beyond the horizon and it appears that for a moment the world is at peace.  The dog walkers stop and join me in gazing out to the ocean, with their dogs sit quietly at their feet as the ocean waves sing their eternal song.

Each trip to the pier offers different moods, different light, different clouds in the sky.  Flocks of birds appear out of nowhere on their way to their nesting ground.  

As the light drops it is quiet here on the pier.  Pacifica is a small coastal community and people I have talked to like their sleepy town.
After sunset, the hazy ‘marine layer’ or fog often creeps from the west often covering the town in a misty shroud. 

At other times, angry clouds roll in, and the sky colors in the afterglow of the disappearing light.

As night falls, the lights on the pier reflect on the waves below. The fishermen take their catch home, and the waterfront soon will be deserted.

The occasional walker often wonders why I am still here with my camera on the tripod and I welcome their stopping by and wondering what I am still capturing with the light gone.   I invite them to see the images appearing the back of my camera.  

Each evening on the pier is unique and I never tire of capturing the different mood over the Pacific Ocean.

Although I came for starry nights, I am happy to capture the ever changing clouds and moods offered by the ever changing ocean and sky.

Til next time,