Saturday, August 25, 2012

Milky Way - Time-Lapse Video

A Million Stars Overhead

When being out under the dark night sky away from light pollution, you can see millions of stars.  It requires a little bit of driving  but when you reach an area of 'dark sky' it is quiet out there with the occasional rustling of an animals or hooting of an owl.  At some occasions, I took a lawn chair and just gazed up and  was fascinated that I could observe the earth rotation by the movement in the stars in the night sky.  Experienced astronomers will of course yawn at my statement but for me as a novice it held my imagination and awe.

To capture the milky way I traveled to the Easters Sierra where there is essentially no light pollution (no big towns and cities) and the number of stars in the sky was greater that you can ever see in the Bay Area.  But there are places closer to home where the milky way is visible.  The first part of the video is from the Eastern Sierra and then the last clip from the Bay Area with many more airplanes criss-crossing the sky.  For the first time, I tried my hands at time-lapse photography and and you can see the maiden voyage here.

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