Saturday, August 18, 2012

Milky Way

Nature's Light Show - every night!

Over the past year I have ventured out into the night and looked up to the stars.  My energy typically fades by 11pm but I can tell you that my 'new discovery' has boosted my energy after midnight!  Just recently I traveled to the high country in Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake and Owens Valley (Eastern Sierra) and was up 4 nights in a row until the wee hours of the night!  Being away from the light pollution in the Bay area and seeing really dark sky is amazing:  there are millions of stars visible that often obscure the main constellations such as the big dipper, and Polaris, the North star, often so brilliant in the sky was difficult to find - at least for a novice like me - when I was out on Carrizo Plains a couple of weeks ago.

Without much writing about my travel, I just wanted to share some of my new images and let you decide whether I am wasting my nights.  I feel I just discovered a completely new field of photography and know I will be out there searching for and capturing more of the beauty of the night sky and milky way - dark nights, here I come!

Milky Way over Carrizo Plains

Milky Way and Rising Moon, Eastern Sierra

Star Trails with Polaris in the left lower corner- Carrizo Plains
When exposing for a long time, the earth rotation is recorded in the movement of the stars.

 Star Trails, Angels Camp

Milky Way over McDonalds Lake, Glacier National Park

Milky Way, Carrizo Plain

Milky Way with meteor, Eastern Sierra

Half Dome illuminated by the Full Moon, Yosemite

I want to thank Steven Christenson, Star Circle Academy,  for his enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation to experiment with new tools!  

Please also watch my first time-lapse video on the beautiful milky way here.

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     Copyrigth M. Raeder-Photography

Photo Safari at a Wild Mustang Sanctuary

An unforgettable afternoon Equine Fine Arts Photographer Kimerlee Curyl and Wildlife Photographer Meggi Raeder

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