Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Behind Bars

With poaching and threats on precious wildlife in many areas of the globe, I was touched by the sad image and poem by McKenna Grace Fisher.

Behind Bars

I see you through these lines of steal,
This steal that keeps me bound in a place,
To breath fresh air and eat my meal,
Would be for me the blessings of grace...

You humans make the choice to murder me,
My flesh you eat with no thought or reference
You think not of my heart, nor do you see,
You continue on with your lives, you're a menace...

My tears shall fall as I await my death,
My heart shall race with fear, not a trace,
Of the last bit of air, it will be my last breath,
Whilst you eat your flesh, my death I must embrace....

Copyright McKenna Grace Fisher 

If this just touched one heart and stimulates increased awareness of our fellow beings and their suffering, maybe change can eventually be brought about. 

Please share.

In quiet reflection,