Friday, December 7, 2012

Wildlife Babies - Montana

Spring Wildlife: Cubs, Pups and Kittens

As many of you know, I have traveled to Montana to photograph wildlife in the Winter as well as in the Spring.  The experience to see wolves and coyotes, red fox and bobcat, lynx, the rare snow leopard and the even rarer amur leopard in a natural setting is unforgettable.  The Winter offered seeing these animals in the snow, under grey as well as sunny sky.  The Spring visit was very special since two rare leopard babies had been born and were now just 2 months old.  Under the very capable care by Heather and Kathleen and the staff at Triple D Ranch, these and other babies were thriving and I can't wait to see them again next June.

Spring is a beautiful time in Northern Montana.  The land is reviving from the harsh winter - everything is green and blooming and the animals love being out there again.

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Wildlife photography in Montana can't be better!

                 Amur Leopard
                 ©M. Raeder-Photography
          Spring Wildlife: Cubs, Pups and Kittens
An amazing opportunity to photograph wildlife babies:  wolf pups, fox kittens, lynx kittens, Badger pups and more!
Come face-to-face with these wonderful babies!

Date:  June 28-July 1,  2013
Optional Activities June 25-27, 2013

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I hope to be able to welcome you at the Montana Photo Workshop next June!

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