Sunday, December 2, 2012

Abstract Macro Photography


The best plans to photograph at beautiful Point Reyes, CA, were disrupted by the 1-2-3 punch of the 3 rain storm that covered our area with up to 12 inches of rain. My backyard is flooded and even my adventurous cat does not want to go out.

Flexibility reigns and redirected the outdoors plans to some indoor photographic creativity.  Why not using rain drops and trying something new.  Out came my favorite macro lens - Nikon's 105 mm macro - tripod, table top lighting with my desk lamp and voila!

Summer flower

Halloween colors

Here I placed a sheet of US Postal Stamps under the raindrops.

Christmas paper

Candy Wrapper

Having the set-up, why not looking around in the kitchen and find objects of interest?

I'll let you guess what this is?
Guesses:  pl email me at    :-)

Even my cat Georgie could not escape my nosy camera with its macro lens!

Despite the wind howling outside and the rain coming down in sheets, I had a lot of fun experimenting.
Who knows what I will find today since the storm is continuing....

Be creative and keep shooting!

Til next time,


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Copyrigth M. Raeder-Photography
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