Friday, March 9, 2012

Vote for Meggi's Image

Meggi's Image Among the Top 10 in Equine Photo Contest!

Wild Horses

Meggi's image: 'Friends,  Wild Horses" has been selected among the top 10 in its category by a panel of judges for the Equine Photo Contest, organized by the Equine Photographer's Network.

Now its time for the Peoples' Choice Award.  The voting is open until March 18, and I am asking you to look at all the images and vote for my image if you feel it is worth it.

The image was taken at the Return to Freedom Sanctuary in Lompoc, CA.  This sanctuary is a heaven for wild mustangs and horses who are protected there and can roam the coastal hills in freedom.  Wild horses are under much pressure in their 'homeland' in the West where BML is rounding them up, holding them in large holding facilities in Nevada, Wyoming and other places awaiting their fate.  Mustangs and wild horses are much of the heritage of the West and it is very sad to see them go.  But the pressure from ranchers and other stakeholders who want the PUBLIC land for their private endeavors is relentless and we are loosing more and more of this beautiful heritage.

As for the Photo Contest and the Peoples' Choice Award, I thank you in advance for checking out the images and give me your vote.  Thank you!

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