Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Elephants for PAWS

I just received the next PAWS newsletter and am delighted to read that the journey for the 3 expected elephants from the Toronto Zoo has almost begun.  Once in their new home, they will enjoy the freedom to roam on acres and acres of Sierra Foothill land where they can swim in a pond and bond with the other elephants there.

This news comes on the eve of my visit at PAWS for the "Seeing the Elephants" event.

Iringa's Custom-Made Transport Crate Is Now In Toronto

Tuesday afternoon, February 21, 2012, the first transport crate for moving the Toronto Zoo's three elephants, Iringa, Toka and Thika, to the PAWS sanctuary in San Andreas, CA, was loaded onto a truck for its journey to Toronto, Canada, a journey that would begin the following morning.

The crate was custom made to accommodate Iringa, with additional height to allow her to comfortably stand inside. The crate will be utilized by the zoo to begin the process of training the elephants for their journey, by truck, to ARK 2000. All training by the zoo is done with food rewards and zoo staff has already begun preliminary training.

As we often say once the process begins, "We're on elephant time now." The target date for the trip is the end of April, but the elephants will ultimately determine when they are ready to move. When we moved Maggie from Alaska, we were amazed at her quick response to treats and training.

Asian elephants Wanda and Winky were moved by truck, from Detroit Zoo, almost seven years ago. Detroit keepers and veterinarians joined our staff in the move which was quite successful despite some medical issues for Wanda. Maggie's and Wanda's keepers, docents, zoo administrators and a myriad of fans continue to visit their elephants each year.

We look forward to welcoming the Toronto Zoo elephants, as well as their friends and fans, to ARK 2000.


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