Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shell Oil and the Arctic

How People like You Save the Arctic!

For 3.5 years, people like All of Us campaigned to stop oil giant Shell from drilling in Arctic waters. 

 Mother and cub [Copyright M. Raeder-Photography]

Finally, this year, after relentless work by many environmental organizations, Shell announced that it is ending its Arctic drilling plans!

It's been an amazing year in the fight to save the Arctic — and it's because of your action. From kayaktivist flotillas in Seattle to bridge climbers in Portland to the millions of people who signed petitions, wrote letters and called the White House, this was a victory fueled by people power. Watch the story unfold in the video below!

Peter Capaldi narrates the story of how All of Us won this monumental victory for the Arctic.

[Ref: Video by GreenPeace]

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                                           Mother and 2 cubs [Copyright M. Raeder-Photography]