Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Photo Book: Wildlife Babies

Wildlife Babies - new Photo Book and e-Book

As many of you know, last year I traveled to Montana twice to photograph wildlife in their natural settings.

I first went there in the winter with snow on the ground, ice on ponds and a cold bite in the air.  However, the arctic wolves loved playing on the ice on the ponds, the coyotes ran with joy and only left snow dust behind,  the red fox in its thick winter coat looked stunningly beautiful and he too enjoyed playing on the icy pond.  The thick winter coats of all animals were beautiful, and seeing the grey wolves roaming in through the birch forest was a one-of-a-kind experience.

Several months later I returned in the Spring season, the season of pups, cubs and kittens.  Watching the bobcat kittens play in the fresh green grass, observing a 7 months old black bear splashing in the water with delight, seeing a 2 months old Amur leopard, the rarest of leopards, try to master the rocky slope hillside, and enjoying the little snow leopard, also 2 months old, as he explored the unfamiliar world filled me with awe.  You can read more about the rare Amur leopard in my September blog here.

I delighted in capturing these wonderful animals 'on film' and brought back hundreds of beautiful images.  I just finished to put the best of the collection into my new Wildlife Babies Photo Book.  It has been published and is available online from MagCloud Publishing as the softcover second edition.  This book has been printed in the US.

You can check it out on the link below. Both a paper copy of the book and an e-book version are available for purchase.

          Wildlife Babies       
                Wildlife Babies     
      This book presents nature photography of wildlife babies, kittens and young animals in a natural setting.     
              Find out more on MagCloud         

This summer, I am offering another Photo Workshop in Kalispell, Montana, at the Triple D Ranch.  I invite you to join me for fantastic wildlife photography.  I just saw an image of the now 8 months old Amur leopard, a strapping young animal, and I can't wait to see him again in the summer time.  

                 Amur Leopard
                 ©M. Raeder-Photography
Spring Wildlife: Cubs, Pups and Kittens

Wildlife Photography at its Best

An amazing opportunity to photograph wildlife babies:  wolf pups, fox kittens, lynx kittens, Badger pups and more!
Come face-to-face with these wonderful babies!

Date:  June 28-July 1,  2013
Optional Activities June 25-27, 2013

For further details pl click here.

Hope to see you this summer in Montana or at one of my other Photo Workshops.

Til then, I wish you all the best and keep shooting,