Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Focus: Night Sky

Over the last year, I have "discovered" the beauty of the night sky - and I am enchanted!

But see for yourself:

Pigeon Point, CA

Stars over double arch in Arches National Park, Utah

Milky Way and rising moon over Alabama Hills, CA

Camping under the stars

Milky Way over McDonalds Lake, Glacier Park, Montana

 Moon over Sawthooth Mountains, Idaho

Startrails over Balanced Rock, Utah

Milky Way over Coriza Plains, CA - camping a night in the desert

Milky Way with meteor over Alabama Hills, CA

By adding Astro Photography to my photographic interests over the past year, I learned yet another area of photography with its intricacies - this is a very exciting new field for me and while traveling, I am getting sleep deprived!  But it is lots of fun.  Hope you are enjoying these new images.

Til next time,


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Copyrigth M. Raeder-Photography
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                 Amur Leopard
                 ©M. Raeder-Photography

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