Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Full Moon over the Baylands

Another full moon - actually a day after the full moon on June 3 - and I had to go out and see what I could capture.  The day had been stormy, a late rain blew over the Bay Area with dark clouds and I was doubtful whether it would clear for the evening.  At sunset the clouds were still menacing and the wind made it a cold evening.

Sunset at the Baylands

But as is so typical, after night fall it calmed and the sky cleared.  Prior to the moon rising, the bright light in the sky wasn't the moon, but the approach of an airplane gliding over the bay towards San Francisco.  The night lights from San Jose were reflected in the clouds above.

Finally my patience was rewarded and the moon made its way over the clouds.

Reflection of the night sky in the water ways of the Baylands

I love being out there in the evening with only the sound of the birds settling for the night and the stars above.  Even in our crowded Silicon Valley there are places near by for meditation and silence.

Til next time,


Did you ever want to see cheetahs run at full speed at 60 miles per hour?  This is a great opportunity right here in California.  Combined with the colorful Balloon Festival in Reno --a perfect photo opportunity is set.  Date: September 7-10, 2012