Sunday, May 27, 2012

PAWS Fundraiser Event

       Poetry beautifully dedicated to all suffering Circus Animals and PAWS Fundraiser

Mara at PAWS

My thoughts today are with all performing animals out in the world that are held against their will, that live in unnatural conditions, are often mistreated and all of them live a sad life.  I wonder how much visitors of circuses contemplate about what kind of life it is to travel from place to place, be confined in small spaces, being made to perform unnatural acts for the enjoyment of humans, having no family which for non-solitary animals such as elephants deprives them of a fundamental part of their life in a herd.

But there are compassionate voices who speak out for the voiceless:  Pat Derby and Ed Steward are remarkable people who since years have lobbied for better conditions of captive animals.  They founded PAWS - Performing Animals Welfare Society - in 1984 in the Foothills of the Sierra.  At the PAWS Ark 2000 sanctuary, rescued animals live in peaceful and natural habitat, free from fear, chains, and harsh confinement. I have visited the PAWS Elephant Sanctuary in March 2012 and was impressed by the dedication of Pat and Ed and their staff.  They truly care for the animals and work towards promoting the best quality of life for the voiceless animals in captivity.

PAWS is holding a Fundraiser on June 16, 2012 in San Andreas.  Please see the specifics below and their announcment at the end of this post.
Please consider supporting the efforts of PAWS dedicated founders Pat Derby and Ed Steward.

Saturday, June 16  

            Wines, Tigers & Beers
ARK 2000 Sanctuary,  San Andreas, CA,  5-8 p.m.
$75 per person; or 2 for $125. ADULTS ONLY EVENT.
Pre-paid reservations required. Call (209) 745-2606.

I'll be there - maybe you'll join me?

Photo Credit:  Carlos Otero

The Circus Animal  
by Christina Sharik

I am the circus elephant

I'm all dressed up for you 

but when alone, I always wear
these chains, just out of view.

I am the circus tiger -
A rare sight to behold;
when whips are snapping near my face
it's hard to stay controlled.

I am the elegant circus horse
I prance and trot around 
I am a noble creature
I'm not a circus clown.

The saddest choice you humans make
it to keep me chained and bound ~
you make me dance, you make me prance
a circus ring around.

When I am tired or sad or sick,
you strike and prod with club or stick ~
I want to run, to play, to roam,
I miss my far, beloved home.

I have no voice you understand,
I cannot make you see
that you should listen with your heart
and simply set me free.

I hear there are some circuses
where only you perform.
I hope that someday soon, perhaps,
they will become the norm.

~ Christina Sharik ~

PAWS Fundraiser, June 16, 5-8pm in San Andreas, CA

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