Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wildlife Babies-Montana

I just returned from Montana where I photographed wolves, lynx, mountain lions, coyotes, red and grey foxes and 2 wonderful and energetic 8-months old mountain lion cubs in the winter snow in a natural setting without fences between me and the animals!  This was an extraordinary trip and now I am able to offer and share not only this photo opportunity but also to add the rare possibility to photograph wildlife babies!
Come join me in Montana in July for this special 
                                      Wildlife Babies Photo Extravaganza!

“Wildlife Babies - Montana

Optional Activities on July 18

At the Triple D Ranch, Kalispell, Montana

Workshop Leader:  Meggi Raeder

Spring is the time of new life when nature revives after the hard winter in the north, and the meadows are colorful with spring flowers.  In this setting, we will photograph wild cubs, pups and kittens.  This is a unique and very special opportunity to see and to ’capture’ these amazing baby animals in their natural environment.

©Triple D Ranch
Triple D Ranch is a family operated ranch and it offers a variety of animal species that would be difficult to photograph in the wild.  We will photograph these animals - mostly babies but some adult animals may also be included - in a selection of natural settings.  We will work with experienced and very caring animal trainers who will allow us to photograph the animals in specially designed safe areas with no fence between us and the wildlife.  Since the babies are still vulnerable and in training, the sessions will be short but they will be the best Triple D has to offer. 

It will be inspirational and the images you will take home will become your prized possessions! 

This maybe the only time that a tiger cub, a grizzly cub and potentially a snow leopard kitten can be photographed during the same visit at Triple D!

Anticipated baby animals will include:

Wolf Pups
Tiger cub
Grizzly cub
Kit Fox or Grey Fox Kits
Badger Pup
Snow Leopard Cub (tentative)
Bobcat kitten
Canadian Lynx kitten
Siberian Lynx Kitten
Raccoon Pups
River Otter Pup
Coyote Pups

[Please note that the listing above is tentative and cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that the babies are not yet born at the time of this writing.]

Cost of the Workshop:  $ 1350.- 

For all details, please click here.

For more information, call Meggi at
650-326-4570 or email me at