Monday, January 2, 2012

Travel TidBits: California Coast

It’s January 1 and the promise of a new year lies ahead like an open book with blank pages that needs to be filled with new adventures.

For now, I am spending another day along the California coast driving south on Highway 1 and stopping at Moss Landing to search for otters and finding all kind of beach activities on this beautiful crisp winter day.

Although most of the otters are floating further out, one is napping close by.  And patience is rewarded as he opens his eyes and is looking right at me.

On the beach, the early morning wind and waves attracted the surfers who are enjoying the brisk wave action leaving fleeting footprints in the sand.

Out of the water, these guys are enjoying a good barbecue.

The midday sun is warm and inviting, and it appears that everybody in Pacific Grove is at the water front strolling, talking, walking the dog or just enjoying the first day of the year outside.  Even the birds and bees!

And onwards, as my goal was to see McWay Falls in Pfeiffer State Park further south along the Highway 1.  I had driven this part just last week, but today it seemed to be crowded everywhere I turned.  People were stopping at each Vista Point, and hiking in the hills above the ocean.  

The sun was setting as I shouldered my tripod and camera to catch the setting sun over the little cove where McWay Falls empties right onto the beach below.  

It’s a gorgeous spot and a beautiful sight!!  Turning around, the coast seemed to be glowing in the red setting sun.

Into sunset and beyond, the light kept changing and as darkness fell, I headed north again on my way home.

Winter is the best time to experience the coast without the fog - so go out and enjoy what California has to offer.

Til next time, 

To explore the coast further south and see the elephant seal rookery, check out the Photo Workshop in San Simeon on January 21/22, 2012.  Spaces still available.