Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Travel TidBits: Tanzania Safari

Wildebeest in the dust

Dear Friends,

I just returned from the 'bush' today and just want to send a sign of life! My safari here in Tanzania was fabulous and I saw so much wildlife that my head was spinning. I visited 5 National Parks, saw different landscapes, a myriad of wildlife and stayed in great lodges often with exceptional view of the surroundings.  My days were filled with watching cheetahs chase and lions mate, leopards snooze in a tree until sunset and then descend and start hunting. Elephants marched within several feet from where I was and we saw rhino in the distance. The hippos were enormous and yawned with their mouth wide open and the giraffes gracefully nibbled on the flat-top acacia trees. Buffalo, wildebeests, zebras were on the move and slowly migrated north in the Ndutu area together with their young: orange colored wildebeest babies and brown and white striped zebra babies with faces soo cute. Baboons, vervet monkeys, warthogs, hundreds of birds including many large raptors and colorful songbirds added to the diversity! What a place!!
Here is a sampling of my many images - Enjoy!
Cheetah mother (pregnant) with older cub

Cheetah mother with cub

Elephants taking a mud bath

Hippo splashing, Serengeti

Hippo yawning, Serengeti

Young male lion


Hot air balloons over the Serengeti

White-headed vulture

Maribu Stork

Impala with baby

Vervet monkey eating acacia flowers

Lion pair mating

Formore images from my safari or my time in Moshi, Tanzania, please visit my web gallery

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