Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bhutan - Festival & Photo Tour

Bhutan - Festival and Photo Tour
14 Days/ 13 Nights
29 October – 11 November 2011
I am delighted to invite you join me for a festival and photo tour to Bhutan, the enchanted kingdom high in the Himalaya, secluded between India to the south and Tibet (now China) in the north beyond the high mountains. Bhutan was a closed country until ~25 years ago, and even today, tourism is still limited and strictly controlled to preserve the natural environment and the lifestyle of people. Bhutan is about the size of Switzerland with a very sparse population of ~750,000 (about 13 people per square kilometer!).
I visited Bhutan last April and found it a serene and mystical country, culture and people. On my trip, I traveled from the furthest Western part all the way to the East and you can see my images from that trip at my web gallery at: With this mail I invite you to travel with me in a small photo tour (4-6 participants) to experience the richness of the culture, art and architecture, to see a colorful festival in Jakar with dances, masks and music, and take in the lush nature in its autumn colors. Bhutan is a Buddhist country and we will visit temples and monasteries and monastic schools where young monks learn and practice.
Our trip will be guided by a Bhutanese photographer, Mr. Anan, whose published images are available as postcards throughout the country.
We will travel in a spacious van and have comfortable accommodations throughout the 14 days in Bhutan. The limited group size (4-6 participants) will give us ample opportunities to experience the country and wonderful people in their daily activities.
To see an overview of the trip, and the detailed day-to-day itinerary, please click on the menu bar "Bhutan - Festival & Photo Tour with Meggi Raeder" . Please call me (650-326-4570) or email me at with any questions you might have and take advantage of the introductory pricing of this trip.