Under the Stars-Night Photo Workshop

Under the Stars
Astro-landscape / Night Photo Workshop at the Big Sur Coast

February 28, 2014 SOLD OUT

Milky Way hanging like a lantern over the Ocean               ©M.Raeder-Photography

Have you ever gazed at the night sky when away from the city lights, marveled at the millions of stars overhead and wanted to capture these memories?  If your answer is YES, please join me for a night under the stars and learn how to photograph the night sky.

This is a 1-night photo workshop.
We will meet at the Julia Pfeiffer State Park on Highway 1 south of Big Sur [please arrive ~4p] and at 4-5 pm I will give a tutorial on how to set the camera for night sky photography which will include settings for star trails photography   We will photograph the sunset over the ocean [5:49 pm] and then photograph the night sky over the McWay Waterfall.  [Moonset 6:19p]

We will spend the evening under the stars and capture the starry sky and photograph for star trails.  Plan to be out there until ~11pm  [or as long as you want to be up].

Workshop fees:   $ 75.-  (mailed to me by check).
Sign up and Workshop Reservations -  please email me at mraeder33@gmail.com 
Small Group:  limited to 8 photographers

Included in the workshop are:
  • 1 hour tutorial on how to shoot the night sky and Milky Way
  • Hands-on guidance in the field during the night
Not included:
  • Transportation, meals, accommodations, other personal expenses

Driving directions from Palo Alto/ Bay Area:   127 miles,  ~2:45 hours.

Where to stay on the Big Sur Coast:

I will be staying at the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park campground:

Camping Reservations:  Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park campground. You will have to make a campground reservation via Reserve America 
Please make your own campground arrangements, possible near my campsite.

I will be in campsite [TBD]

This campground is 10 miles north of the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (20 minute drive)

Campground fees:  35.- for campsite plus 8.- for reservation - [senior discount of 2.- applies, watch for the check box]  -  if you want to share a campground please indicate and I will try to connect you with another participant.  Max 2 cars per campsite.

Warm layered clothes including hat and gloves for the night!  Hot thermos with tea and snacks recommended.

There are many non-camping accommodations around Pfeiffer Big Sur – Pl make your own arrangements.

Meals:  There are several restaurants around the Pfeiffer BigSur State Park area.  Please be sure to bring snack for the evening/night.  If you are camping, bring food and water if you want to cook at the campground.

Camera Equipment:  
  • pro-DSLR,  wide angle lenses, fish eye lens,
  • cable release [or intervelameter, if you have one], 
  • sturdy tripod
  • pl bring camera and intervelameter manuals if you are not familiar with all your settings.
  • For sunset, bring polarizer filter and/or neutral density filter if you have them.

I look forward of welcoming you to the next night photo workshop!

If you have questions, please email me and I will do my best to answer all you inquiries.

Keep shooting,

PS:  The above image was made on August 30, 2013, during an almost clear night.  The Milky Way was hanging like a lantern over the ocean.   During the winter, the milky way only comes up in the early morning hours.